What to Expect

Lionel F. Bailey


I am writing this letter to Rick Vinyard and his team to thank them for the wonderful job they did in constructing the Simmons Residence. This is without a doubt the project that I am most proud of that our office has designed, and a big part of that is due to the attention to detail that was given to our client and to building this very special residence.

This project posed a vast array of architectural details and systems in which every square inch of the site and house was thought out and designed to fit the client’s needs and desires.
The only contractor that could have pulled this off was The Precision Construction Group.

With this in mind, I would not hesitate to recommend this company for any size project where the Owner wants to know that their best interest is paramount in the construction process and the contractor‘s goal is to build the project as if it was his own. As an Architect, I also appreciated their attention to following the plans and specs that we prepared and for taking the time to bring any issues they saw to our attention early so that resolving them became a lot easier.

Rick, thanks again for making this vision the Simmons had years ago, that we tried to put on

William R. Powell


As a residential architect, I am always on the lookout for top quality contractors to execute my designs. Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet one that has proven himself worthy to be in that category, and his name is Rick Vinyard.

Since we met, I have been recommending Rick frequently and he has done an excellent job of translating my designs from paper to completed projects, while keeping our clients extremely happy along the way.

Professionally, Rick does excellent work- he has very qualified employees and sub-contractors, and puts out the highest quality product, while often being personally involved on the jobsite. He is very good at managing finances and time, and thus has an excellent record of delivering projects on time and on budget. He is also highly organized and keeps his clients informed and involved from start to finish.

On the personal side, the words I would best use to describe Rick would be honest, trustworthy, dedicated and conscientious. I have worked with a lot of contractors through the years, and these qualities are hard to find. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone who is looking for the highest quality contractor to construct their home.

Rocky and Kynlee Cunningham

It is with great pleasure we recommend Precision Construction Group for any building or remodeling needs. Working with Rick and his team to build our forever home, by far, exceeded our expectations. PCG took a personal interest in creating our dream home with excellent suggestions that added to the beauty and value of our home. From the early planning stages to completion, PCG dedicated careful attention to detail & their superior craftsmanship is apparent throughout our home. Rick, along with the office & project managers worked tirelessly both on & off-site to make this an enjoyable experience by taking care of, literally, everything! The PCG team is honest & passionate about delivering a top-notch product. We absolutely love our home & are forever grateful for your display of integrity, quality workmanship & friendship.

Rebecca and Robert Collins

When we started this project, we had a lot of anticipatory excitement. Any project is in some ways like reading a book: you don’t know until the end what the outcome will be.

We were and are ecstatic with the way our renovation turned out. The crew was unfailingly kind and considerate, took great pains to clean up at the end of each work day, showed up on time and ready to go every day, minimized the mess in the house whenever and wherever possible, followed the time line strictly, and worked as outlined each day. Add to that that you finished on time and slightly under budget. If you can beat that we surely don’t know how.

Rick, somehow you got to know us well enough personally that you were able to anticipate when we were going to make minor changes. And once or twice you already had things in the pipeline before we could mention them. We have never met anymore who paid more attention to even
the smallest details. The whole project went like clockwork as far and Robert and I were concerned, and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of folks to have working in our home.

We want to mention our site supervisor, Derek Puryear, who was extremely thoughtful. He listened closely to things we said we wished we had changed but didn’t change. Then he made some small adjustments that were thoughtful, inexpensive, and solved some of the minor problems that we didn’t have a solution for ourselves. He implemented those changes on his own, and Robert and I were both pleased by his initiative.

There is no way to adequately thank you for your many kindnesses to both of us the during the renovation, and there is certainly no way to articulate fully what you and your crew have given
us. We have only the best memories of the whole remodeling experience. We cannot wait to start our next project with Precision Construction. We guarantee you that you’ll be hearing from us soon.

Please feel free to give our name and number to any serious prospective clients, and we would both be happy to speak with them as well as show them our remodel

Robert Burris

We had a great experience with our considerable remodel/addition. Our project was necessitated by an expected addition to our family. Demo began the day the baby was born. Although the water heater and laundry were in the areas to be removed, we had hot water and working, re-located laundry by the time I arrived home that evening. I cannot praise the competence and professionalism of the PCG team and their subcontractors enough. The PCG team worked diligently to keep to our budget, and constantly fought to keep the costs in line. We experienced no over-runs with the exceptions of personal choices made by ourselves. PCG’s Project Manager was on site to handle all the details and it was a great comfort to know that any detail we may have missed would be immediately caught and corrected. I appreciate the great patience of Rick, and his team, as they helped us get through a very stressful time for our family, and we are enjoying the quality of all their efforts. I can also say that PCG will stay with you after completion. We had an issue arise 4 months after completion that had no connection to their work. They have been there for all support needed to get those repairs.

George & Lauren Berry

It is with pleasure that we recommend Precision Construction Group to a prospective home buyer in South Louisiana. Rick, PCG’s president, is a man of many talents when it comes to building a home. He listens and understand what the buyer wants, yet he also offers many great ideas that we would never have thought of in a house. His specialty is energy efficient housing; thus he is known as Louisiana’s “green builder.” It is obvious that he has a passion for his job. His staff is equally dedicated and outstanding at their positions. Ashlee runs the office with friendliness and efficiency. Adria offers creative advice as the company’s decorator whose services are part of the home building process. Most importantly, Rick is an honest man of integrity; we trust him completely. We are honored to say that a man we had never met before becoming our builder is now our friend.

Joe Simmons & Patricia Day

We wholeheartedly recommend you use The Precision Construction Group, Inc., for your construction project.
We can offer only praise for the work that they did in constructing our rather exceptional home.
Having made a commitment to construct our new home in an exceedingly environmentally-friendly manner, we
found Precision when researching contractors who had residential experience with insulated concrete form
construction. From our initial meeting through completion and beyond, we have been impressed with their
willingness and enthusiasm to work with us on this complex project. Furthermore, the end result – the house
itself – continues to exceed our expectation.
Precision worked tirelessly hand in hand with us as we researched and implemented our project aiming all the
while to produce a sound, lovely, functional and efficient home. Precision adopted our zeal and followed through
with us. As we moved forward, they partnered with us in researching and producing the desired results.
Perhaps more significant than their encompassing our environmental zeal, they produced an extraordinarily well
built house. Every member of the Precision team, from the office to the superintendent, the subcontractors, and
even the day laborers were truly conscientious in their efforts to produce a nigh-perfectly constructed building.
In the two years we have been living in the house, we have yet to run into a construction defect. Furthermore, we
continue to be impressed with the overall quality of construction.
Our house has only simple base moldings and no crown moldings. Therefore, there exists very little opportunity
to deviate from the plumb lest it become apparent. We have not yet noticed more than the extremely slight
variation. They never took the attitude that a quick application of caulk would cover an error. Instead, if they
noticed an error, they simply corrected it.
Precision’s subcontractors on the job are, to the individual, persons whom we would welcome back into our
house. They carried out the high standards demanded of Precision or were replaced with others who would.
Perhaps the most telling aspect of our relation with Precision is that we cannot recall a single instance in which
they came to us with complaints of a problem. What they did do, however, was come to us either with a
description of how they solved a problem that had existed or gave us alternate options to solve an existing
We recognize that there are other contractors who might offer lower prices than Precision. However, to our way
of thinking, no contractor that we have found offers work of the quality of Precision’s. We believe you are apt to
receive a higher value to price ratio from Precision than you would from others in our area.
Never having undertaken a major construction project before, we entered this relationship with great trepidation.
Our fears were unfounded in working with Precision. The process was surprisingly easy, the results, exceptional!

Liz Betz

You never know exactly what you’ll find when you demo a 60 year old kitchen!
Fortunately, Rick was on the job when a few surprises were uncovered. He
quickly formulated solutions while keeping the project on time and as close
to budget as possible. His subcontractors were professional and polite.
They even cleaned up the construction area each day before leaving which was
greatly appreciated as we were living in the house throughout the
renovation. The new kitchen is beautiful and exactly as planned!

Bruce and Jane Ray

Rick Vinyard with The Precision Construction Group took on the challenge of a major remodel of our den, kitchen, dining room, living room, stairs and a connecting hallway. Rick took our house from a dark, boxy, 1970s house to a modern, light, open concept HOME of this century. The 900 sq ft remodel project included gutting all 4 rooms, replacing exterior doors and windows, replacing 2 load-bearing walls with flush beams, new floors, custom cabinetry and new appliances – all while we lived in the house.

Like most remodels, there were a few surprises – all handled well. Of course, there was the inevitable “scope creep” – also handled well. Rick’s crews were always respectful and patient. Rick went out of his way to make our experience pleasurable and our house our HOME.

Brady & Amy Broussard

My wife and I were introduced to Rick from a referral. After a couple meetings with him, we quickly discovered Rick is in an elite class of builders (even class of his own) given his attention to detail, wealth of experience and most unique a heart for those around him (homeowner, subs, suppliers and staff). As a result, our bidding process was short lived and quickly turned into how are we going to convince someone of Rick’s talent to take on our project.
Before drafting plans, my wife and I spent weekends driving around Baton Rouge, studying various homes for ideas to work into our own home. We ultimately were drawn to four homes that seemed to stand on their own or have that special feel every time we drove by them. During a meeting with Rick, I referenced a feature on one of the homes as an example of what the architect was attempting to capture in our plans. Rick quickly smiled, pulled out a picture and said “are you talking about this house” as it was one that he had constructed. Later that night, completely obsessed with the idea that we may have an opportunity to work with the builder who constructed one of our favorite homes, we went to the PCG website to see what other homes Rick had constructed. This reaffirmed we had truly met someone special as Rick constructed two (Highland Rd and University Club homes) of the four houses in Baton Rouge we’d come to admire.
For most individuals, building a home is a major investment of time, money and effort. I would not want anyone else responsible for managing such resources than Rick. Choosing Rick as your builder will be a very safe decision for all the following reasons and more:
 Unsurpassed dreams. Rick’s passion for his profession motivates his team to work together to achieve a final product beyond ordinary standards. He controls the process well and manages details with the best of builders I’ve come to know over the years. During the drafting stage, my wife and I developed a schedule outlining room-by-room features we wanted to work into the new house. Some of the builders in the bidding process viewed this schedule as time consuming and difficult to manage high expectations. In contrast, Rick was genuinely excited about the details as he saw an opportunity to personalize the house to our dreams
 Complete team. Rick’s energy and love for his work is contagious to all parties involved in the project. His network of suppliers and subs work with a common pride and ownership in their work. There is an unspoken expectation that all work must be done with utmost precision, and if not, then done again to Rick’s standard. From beginning to end, Rick is his own toughest critic. His high expectation not only delivers quality, but also makes for an efficient process as things are done correctly the first time
 Fluid communication. Rick is always accessible and tailors his communication style to you (meeting in person, e-mail, cell phone, office phone…whatever works best for your personality and schedule). Soon after beginning the building process, my wife and I learned we were expecting a new baby. Throughout the pregnancy, we ran unpredictable hours and would e-mail Rick early in the morning and other times late at night. He was always timely and energetic in his response. I also vividly recall a Saturday morning brainstorming with my wife on the latest idea for the house. After finishing, we checked our e-mail before leaving to run errands and Rick had sent us a quick e-mail with a thought/detail about the same topic…we were always on the same page
 Intangibles. Patient, integrity, strive for perfection, selfless, heart for others all describe Rick’s actions. In a couple moments of the building process, we almost laughed in disbelief as it was clear that Rick’s true motivation for his work is to enrich the lives of his crew and homeowner. Each client’s testimonial and amazement in their faces as they step into their new home are his real trophies. Having the chance to work with someone like this has left a lasting impression on me and my family
 Results, result, results.
o Utility bill on home constructed by Rick is 25% less than our last home despite Rick’s home having almost 50% more sq ft
o Project completed on schedule while accommodating a pregnant family, juggling difficult weather, etc
o Project completed on tight budget. Rick’s initial budget was honest + he managed every area of the budget during construction as if we had signed a shared savings type agreement
o No material items noted for final punch list to move in + our “live in the house for six months” punch list continues to be immaterial
o Quality of the house has been equally complemented by friends, family and neighbors alike. We attended a neighborhood event the other day with the primary topic of discussion as what house and is yours and how was your building experience (relatively new neighborhood with several high end homes constructed). We could not have been more proud to share stories of how amazing the building experience is with Rick + the chance to see excitement it in people’s eyes when they realized which house was ours

Now that our house is completed, my wife and I better understand why Rick is the “coincidence” or common denominator behind the two houses around Baton Rouge we’d admired before we met Rick. In my opinion, there are few builders who can improve upon what’s been draw in plans or in some cases pull of what could not be expressed on paper. Nevertheless, Rick has an uncanny ability to turn homeowners’ thoughts and dreams into reality in the field. A good friend of mine made custom fireplace mantels for several high end builders in Baton Rouge. As one of the final subs on the project, he had a great “insider” testimony for what builders ended up delivering on initial promises to homeowners throughout the project. I assure you that Rick Vinyard and his team not only start strong, but even more importantly finish strong…the same great builder you meet in the first meeting will be there through the end.
In closing, if you chose to work with Rick, you will be amazed not only by the final product, but also just as special, the fond memories of the journey to get there. My wife and I to this day feel we are merely caretakers of someone else’s home that couldn’t be ours as Rick’s work is beyond our wildest dreams. It is with all hope that this testimony gives you a true glimpse of all that he and his team has done for our family.