What to Expect

Laurie Brown Besselman

My experience with The Precision Construction Group Inc.,

Our story began over a year ago while searching for contractors to build
our addition on my parents house. I immediately knew there was something “different” about Rick and his Precision team. Something real, genuine, and heart felt. I could truly tell he admired our project not because it was “work”, but because it was about bringing two families together as one. It was about creating an atmosphere where my husband and I could care and support my parents in the years ahead.

We had the most wonderful experience with Rick’s team. He threw his full heart into our project and performed various tasks himself in order to help us save financially. This entire remodel happened in the short 6 month time frame he first mentioned; plus, we added an enormous scope of extra work in the process. Rick’s goal was to create my dream home; my goal was to have this “work for all”. He was so RIGHT. This home is perfect in every way; it’s more than I could have ever imagined and I am so proud to call it “mine”. His team operates with honor, dependability, and dedication. I felt every worker who came to contribute their share to this project, worked with amazing pride and passion.

Rick and his team have a definite admiration for their work. It shows daily; they truly fight for the client and weigh out every option before spending. Rick’s heart outweighs his body; his mind works overtime. I am honored to write a referral for him and his team. He is more than a contractor; he is a dear friend for life. My entire family feels blessed to have chosen PCG for our much adored dream HOME!

Let him work his magic in your life, too!

Jim & Joette Taylor

Last week, we went on our first trip since moving into the new house ten weeks ago. We have to tell you that for the first time in our lives, we truly missed our home! For years, we have gotten away from home as much as our schedules would allow. It feels wonderful, though, to not dread coming back, now that we have such a beautiful house.

We simply cannot thank you enough for making our dream home a reality, and not only did you construct what we originally designed, but your gift for the “little things” also allowed for an ordinary home to become extraordinary. When you were first recommended to us, we were told that you had a gift for small details and perfection. We thought that those were good attributes for a contractor to have, but we didn’t realize at the time how truly important they would become to us. You made it clear from the very outset that you lived and died by your reputation, and that you understood that we were putting the biggest financial investment of our lives in the hands of a stranger. You were not a stranger for long, and we are proud to consider you a friend. We don’t throw words like “quality” and “integrity” around very often, but they are applicable in this case. Your reputation has been bolstered, at least in our estimation.

Of course, no plan ever unfolds with uniform smoothness, and your ability to deal with those financial and psychological bumps in the road is a skill set in and of itself. We had heard horror stories about the stress couples endure when they build a home, but we had (almost) none of that. Your leadership and guidance kept us on task and away from a lot of conflict that would have otherwise been a significant stressor.

In the end, one only has to look at the product to see what can be accomplished by a motivated professional who loves his work, and we would definitely recommend your company to anyone wishing to make their dream home a reality.

Kurtis & Karen Weston

It is a privilege to write this reference letter for Rick Vinyard. Our journey began with us meeting at his office. My husband Kurtis and I found him to be energetic, and knowledgeable. He eagerly drove us to a project he was working on at the time. It was an ICF project. Something I wish I could have afforded to build. We basically talked in general because at this first meeting our house plans had not been finalized with the draftsman. We were simply following the directions of the draftsman to seek out 3 preliminary bids just to get an idea of what the cost may be to build. We ended our meeting on a warm note. He told us to feel free to contact him with any questions we may have. I felt comfortable enough to email a few times after the meeting about ICF. Rick would promptly respond to my emails with a wealth of information and links. I can remember thinking to myself; I just need a house built. From the looks of pictures he’s shown us, I know I can’t afford a RICK house.

As time went on we actually found a different builder. He also was a nice man who was very eager to build our house. Because of certain circumstances we ended up not going with that builder. Almost a year or so after our first meeting, we sat down with Rick with finalized plans and began to seriously commit to bringing these plans to life.

What I discovered about Rick, is he’s passionate about his work and wanting it done to the highest quality. I wanted a house. Rick produced a HOME for us. His attention to details made everything come together. Whenever we called about a concern, either He or Ashlee would respond to our call in a timely manner. All of his workers and subs respect him highly, and carry on his philosophy of doing their best work and beyond for the homeowner at a fair price.

Rick was always professional and honest with us. If things did not go as it should, he never kept information from us nor did he try to cover it up. Since this was the first project of this nature we had ever undertaken, there were lots of things we didn’t know. Rick was an excellent source of referrals. These referrals made the building process go smooth. Even when we had a bump in the road here and there, the entire process was pleasant.

I could go on and on. To sum everything up, Rick takes pride in what he does. He operates with integrity. He is passionate about his work. He looks out for the best interest of the homeowner. He is knowledgeable about his field. He has a ready resource of referrals. Finally, what changed during the course of our home being built was it went from a house to a custom home. A wonderful, natural fit and Rick went from the status of builder and entered into a relationship of friend and brother. He didn’t just build or customize our quality home. He also built and customized a quality relationship.

Brandt Hart

This letter is written to express my complete satisfaction with the service precision construction group provided during the process of my remodel.
The services of PCG were provided in a professional manner, very fast turn around, and at a affordable price. I have received numerous complements and jaw dropping expressions due to the finished result. PCG delivered top notch quality and exceeded my expectations.
I highly recommend Rick Vinyard and thank him for the hard work he did to make a dream come true. Please feel free to call me directly if you would like any additional information regarding PCG relationship with me.

Robert & Jeanette Pregeant

I first met Rick over 6 years ago while in Grand Isle. After Katrina, my wife and I decided to purchase a home in Baton Rouge for the place to go during a major storm. My wife and I have now been working with Rick at The Precision Construction Group over the last few years on various projects on our home. We have added a master suite, remodeled the interior, and added a large decorative retaining wall and iron fence and just recently, an outdoor kitchen with extensive landscaping. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Rick, his staff, and subcontractors. Rick, his staff, and his subcontractors have been very responsive to any changes and additions during the work and have always returned our calls promptly and addressed any concerns expeditiously…often before we can say something. All of our projects have been performed at the highest quality available. The master suite looks as if it has always been a part of the home and the outdoor kitchen and landscaping are exactly as we envisioned. Rick assisted us in all aspects of each project, from obtaining plans and getting approvals with the subdivision, to matching existing finishes. He certainly guided us with ease throughout each process. Rick has a true passion for construction and truly enjoys working with his clients…this shines through in his workmanship and attention to detail. We are obliged to write this letter of reference and look forward to working with Rick and PCG in the future…Hopefully a new home!!

Beth James

I want to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you on the many projects around my home. Your professionalism and attention to detail was unlike any experience I have had to date. Your employees were courteous and kept the work environment clean. In fact, when the project was completed it was difficult to tell any work was ever done!
It is hard today to find anyone who has as much enthusiasm for their work as you do. That enthusiasm is evident in the end product. I am so happy we got to work together and will recommend you highly to anyone who asks.
Thanks again, we are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Jacqueline M. Bares

I believe in the quality construction provided by the Precision Construction Group that I built not only one but two homes with them. I recently moved due to a work reassignment and once the time came to build there was no question as to who my builder would be. Rick was willing to travel for my project and even with the distance involved was able to provide a beautiful, high quality product. throughout the building process Rick was incredibly hands on and was very thorough in assuring that even the tiniest details were taken care of. The quality of work provided was evident to all who have viewed the house, including the area inspectors, which would frequently comment on the craftsmanship. Rick and all of his team are truly dedicated to keeping the client happy and stress free throughout the building process.

Prairieville Residence

I just want to thank you for doing such an awesome job on my home. I love it and so does everyone else that comes in. Most people only see the aesthetics of the place, but we know the guts of the home. When they ask what my utility bill runs, their mouths drop and I really feel like I may have to perform CPR.

I must say I wanted a few things in my home that are a little out of the ordinary. Most people didn’t even want to attempt it; much less knew what I was talking about. Rick never gave it a second thought. HE DID IT TO THE BEST OF HIS ABILITY, WHICH WAS ALWAYS TO PERFECTION. An example of a few of these things would be a radius steel staircase that is totally suspended, another being an infrared built in sauna.

My home is an energy efficient home, and it is expected to have an electric bill of less than 250 dollars per month. Well I have been in the home for approximately six months and my bill usually runs around 120 dollars per month. What makes people almost pass out about this is that it is an approximately 7000 square foot house. It amazes me as well.( I love it) Because it is constructed out of concrete and Styrofoam, it doesn’t change temperature very much, and of course I credit Rick’s persistence and desire for perfection from the ground up of this home for that.

On occasion I watch the television show MTV Cribs, nice homes but not nearly the details that mine has.

So if you happen to be looking for a contractor, Rick would definitely be my first choice; he was my only choice.

Just wanted to say thanks again Rickster!!

Susan & Danny Nelson

We spent our first night in the new house last night and we wanted to thank you again for helping to make our dream home a reality. Our whole experience from planning to construction with PCG was fantastic and we could not be more pleased with your ability to adapt to our somewhat non-traditional ideas as we watched our vision become a reality.

We had some challenges, particularly a major hurricane, but they were easily navigated by your crew and your approach to solving problems that created opportunities for us to have the best home possible. Every time we needed advice or presented you with a design challenge, we knew that you would be right there to deliver for us because you took personal ownership in our home as if it were your own.

You didn’t just build a house for us, you built our forever home where Danny and I will grow old together (God willing) and fill with many memories that are as unique to us as the details we envisioned and you delivered. Even when I couldn’t give you a picture of what I was imagining, you had this way of understanding what we wanted and helping us get there with high quality results that were within our budget. We are especially pleased with the light boxes in the kitchen as the glass guy whipped out his cell phone camera and said, “I’ve got to get a picture of this.”

Craftsman-period master Gustav Stickley wrote that, “to do any piece of work in its best way makes life better worth the living.” Our lives are certainly now better worth the living in our beautiful, unique, energy efficient and sustainable home that you made possible.


I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my “new” home. The house I have lived in for 33 years finally looks the way I have always dreamed it could. Well, let’s be honest. I just knew the place needed a major overhaul! Although I had some general ideas of what I wanted, your wonderful creative mind provided most of the details. In fact, the finished product exceeds my expectations. You thought of things I had not even imagined. I am so glad I followed my instincts and trusted you without hesitation!

Your crew and all of the subcontractors who worked on the house did a phenomenal job and on schedule! I had heard horror stories about delays and problems that other homeowners had experienced with their contractors. Some actually laughed when I told them you said the work would be completed in 90 days. I just listened politely and thought, “Too bad they did not have the right contractor!”

I will not even try to name everyone who worked on the project because I do not want to leave out a single person. Please convey to all of the individuals who made my house look the way it does today just how pleased and thankful I am for the excellent job they did. Now, if I could just find the time to decorate!

Please let me know if you ever need to show the house to future clients. I would be more than happy to show it off. Thank you again for doing such a great job.