What to Expect

Janice DeLerno

Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail in making sure that the new roof is first class. It looks beautiful, but more importantly, it is leak free. I can sleep at night without worrying about the grand piano getting ruined by water coming from the ceiling in the Great Room. It is a terrific feeling of freedom.

You once told me, Rick, that roofing wasn’t rocket science and that water runs down hill. Well, it is doing that quite nicely without finding places to seep into and the fact that the roof has ventilation is just an added bonus.

Your caring and professionalism is beyond what anyone could ask for. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in your services.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done to make the Stockade an even more beautiful place. You two are awesome!


In the Fall of 2009, Precision Construction Group, Inc. completed a general refurbishment of the exterior of my home in Baton Rouge, LA. The workers were courteous and considerate and all work was performed in a timely, competent manner within the allocated budget.

I can readily recommend Rick Vinyard and his group of construction tradesmen for your residential or light commercial project.


Chris and I wanted to write to express how much we appreciate our beautiful new home. We are very happy that we selected you to be our builder – Since both Chris and I had worked with other builders before (one great builder and one terrible builder), we looked long and hard for the person who would be the best match for us – it must have been fate watching out for us that your name was suggested to us by our home designer. Every time we walk through someone else’s new home and see the lack of attention to detail, we are reminded that speed is often the goal for builders rather than quality. Thank goodness you are a quality builder! Every detail in our home was attended to, and you were always very responsive to our questions and requests for last minute revisions. Our wood floors look amazing, and we are glad that you insisted that they be refinished to get them “perfect.”

You are probably one of the most stubborn and determined people we have met, which really came in handy in the months after Hurricane Katrina. We are amazed by the way you were able to get our building materials, without suddenly raising all of our cost estimates – you had to be a very creative thinker and problem-solver to make this happen! Finally, we really felt like you listened and cared about our opinions, and that you had a clear understanding that we intend to live in our home for many years to come. Chris and I feel that we had excellent customer service from you and your subcontractors, especially after listening to friends who were building at the same time gripe about their builders being inaccessible. I know we have said this before, but if you ever need a professional reference, or if you need to bring a potential client over to the house to show off your work, please just call us. We would be glad to help you in any way that we can, because we believe in your business and your professional standards and ethics. There is no doubt that you will succeed, because you are so rare in your field!

Roy Hebert

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for you. I have to admit that I did not look forward to the project that you undertook to complete for my wife and me. However, we are very pleased with the final product. As all renovation projects go, we ran into our fair share of the unexpected. You adapted and overcame every one. It seems like what we thought would be the toughest parts of the project were the easiest for you and your crew and what we expected to be routine was anything but routine, through no fault of yours.

Now that phase one of the project is substantially complete, we are looking forward to working with you on phase two.

Thanks for putting up with us, particularly me, during the construction period. I know the job turned out to be more than we all anticipated, but together we got it finished and are happy with the end product.

Joseph and Valdora Snedecor

Speaking on behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank Rick Vinyard and his construction group for the outstanding work which was performed on the building of my home in 2006.

While in search of a builder to build our home, we went to the Trade Show at the River Center of Baton Rouge, LA. Upon seeing his presentation we were very impressed, therefore we obtained his card and set up an interview with his group. We were very impressed with his professionalism while he viewed our blueprints. He was not the only contractor that we contacted to view our plans, but we felt that he was the best man for the job. He proved to be the best decision that we could have made. Not only were we pleased with his attentiveness to details, he used the latest materials such as zinc strips to help to prolong the life of our roof to build our home. During the construction, my wife was concerned with the placement of the kitchen appliances; Rick made a trip to the site just to assure her that everything was where she wanted them to be. I could go on and on about how helpful Rick was in the construction of our “dream home”. He built it as if he was going to live there himself.

Last, but not least, Rick and my family are still in contact with each other because we have become good friends. He was always there to observe the construction and make sure everything was absolutely perfect.

Peggy McAndrew

This letter is to express to you, and to Mike, and to all of your crews, my profound THANK YOU for the great job your company accomplished on the above mentioned property.

There was extensive damage due to Hurricane Katrina, and the tree falling on the roof of the house, and your personnel performed the needed repairs, plus much more.

The subsequent buyer, Mr. Sanford, also expressed admiration for the quality of the work. Please mention to Dale and Shannon that he was impressed with the work done under the house.

It was a pleasure working with you on this project, and your kindness and cooperation will not be forgotten.

Scott Presley

My wife and I purchased a 30 year old home in Highland Lakes Subdivision. We hired Precision Construction Group to help with an extensive remolding project. Rick Vinyard and his people have been great! They are very professional and were willing to work with us through numerous unanticipated issues which we encountered along the way. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is that Rick keeps his word. Every problem we brought to his attention was corrected, even those we found after his invoices were paid and he had moved on to other projects. We love our new home and would highly recommend Rick Vinyard and the Precision Construction Group.

Glynn & Arlene Delatte

We want to thank you for the awesome work you have done on various projects for us over the last several years. You are truly amazing. My husband and I have worked iwth several contractors over the years for both new construction and remodels and for commercial and residential projects. But, we always hesitated to start a new project because of the numerous problems we encountered working with other contractors. After meeting with you we felt so comfortable that you would provide us with a level of service that went above and beyond. And, that is exactly what you did.

None can compare to the work product of Precision Construction Group. You were very thorough, precise and have a strong work ethic. And, your cheerful attitude made it a pleasure to work with you on a daily basis. Not only did you take the time to listen to what we wanted, but you did whatever was necessary to please us. Your insight and ideas turned the finished product into something wonderful.

We cannot thank you enough and would take pleasure in recommending Precision Construction Group to anyone who is looking for a superb contractor for commercial or residential work.

Jackie Kock

I met Rick following Hurricane Rita in which I was acting as the Homeowner/Contractor of my proposed residence. I had been sent to work overtime in Lake Charles and was unable to dedicate the time needed to oversee a construction project. Rick agreed to take the job over and that basically saved the completion of my home. I may have been able to get it completed on my own but I know I wouldn’t have had the same quality craftsmanship. I was still able to have a great deal of involvement during the construction, but the worry of lining up contractors and ordering material was gone. All of the sub-contractors that contributed to the completion of my home were very skilled and provided a high quality product. So much, that when it came time for the final walk-thru, there was not much that I could find that needed touch-up work.

As my home began to take shape, it was obvious to me that I could not have made a better decision in choosing Precision Construction to build my home. My father is a builder in Lafayette and I have spent a great deal of time walking through custom homes as through the various stages of construction. The Precision Construction Group’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is second to none. I was so impressed with the finished product that I have since recommended Rick and Mike to several friends that are considering building a new home. Should I choose to build again there would be no need to shop around for a contractor as Precision Construction has already proved that they are the best in the business.

Kevin Ruesch

Well it has been a very difficult and long 13 months for all involved on this project. I would like to start by saying that I could not have been more pleased with the quality and overall outcome of work that Precision did in building my residence. I believe that you are two quality individuals, your work is your bond, and I am very happy to have you as friends.

I feel that we started this project in the very worst of times, the months following Katrina. Help was scarce and at best undependable but through it all you persevered keeping cost in check and quality to acceptable standards.

It is because of your integrity, patience and knowledge that I would have no problem recommending you to anyone wanting to build a quality custom home. Dottie and I thank you very much and hope to work with you again.